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UNITED, Inc. ("the Company") is dedicated to creating a plentiful society and lifestyle through the creation of new tools for communication in the mobile internet domain, providing a complete range of services in this domain. As it develops business activities of this nature, the Company recognizes that the thorough protection of personal information is an important social responsibility for business, and will ensure that all employees and executives comply with legal standards regarding the protection of personal information. In order to implement the basic policies stipulated below, the Company will construct personal information protection management systems that conform to JISQ15001, and, paying due attention to constantly-changing societal needs, will make a company-wide effort to achieve ongoing improvement of its personal information protection systems.

  1. The Company acquires and uses personal information, recognizing the importance of protecting such personal information.
  2. With regard to the use of personal information, the Company will not deal with personal information that exceeds the limits deemed necessary for the fulfillment of specific business purposes (i.e. for non-business purposes). Further, the Company will establish internal standards to prevent non-business use, and strictly supervise employees in order to ensure that they comply with these standards.
  3. In order to provide customers peace of mind when they supply the Company with personal information, the Company will establish reasonable measures for safety, prevention, and corrective action with regard to the danger of disclosure, destruction, or loss of personal information.
  4. As a business entrusted with important personal information, the Company complies with laws and ordinances regarding the protection of personal information, as well as with guidelines, principles, and other standards such as JISQ15001, which have been created by various competent authorities in this regard.
  5. The Company will use personal information in an appropriate manner, and will conduct ongoing reviews and improvement of its personal information protection management systems in order to ensure complete protection of said information.
  6. In the event of complaints or inquiries regarding the Company's handling of personal information, the Company will act promptly and appropriately via the contact listed below to address complaints and inquiries regarding personal information.

The above content applies to all employees and executives of the Company.

Enacted on August 18, 2011

Please direct complaints or questions regarding personal information, as well as inquiries regarding the disclosure of such information, to UNITED, Inc. as follows:

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